Hot Flashes….Not yet!

Well I went to the dreaded doctors appointment a couple of days ago and it wasn’t bad.  I was ready for the remarks but nothing was mentioned about my weight and the Doc  said I don’t seem to be showing any signs of menopause and might not see signs till I get in my 5o’s.  Great! Then why the hell bring it up the past two years!  I wonder has he already had some crazed lady who he called fat and old go off on him?  Hummm….

  I now know for sure I am not having hot flashes but my boss is!  I am watching it snow in my office and ice is forming in my water bottle! I have put the thermostat on 70 twice, I would love to put it on 72 but thought I would be fair.  Some how it keep going back to 68!  Again he is setting it on freezing then leaving the building.  I keep a jacket in my office but now I need mittens and a hat!

  OMG! Some advice from me……check the washing machine before washing your undies!  I was in a rush the other morning and grabbed a pair of panties to put on. I got my jeans on and felt something odd on my left butt cheek.  I reached back there and what the Hell!  A brillo pad!  It had a some point got mixed up with some laundry and got stuck on my draws!  Well I tossed it in the trash and took off to start my day.  The only problem was all day I was getting pricked in the buttocks by tiny pieces of steel wool that was stuck in my panties! I couldn’t get my panties off fast enough when I got home 9 hours later!  When I flew through the house Rusty asked me if I had a fire in my pants and I replied,”No, Just a bunch of pricks.”

Have a great weekend!



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