Climbing Out of the Pit of “My Ass is Just Not Motivated!”

  Yep…….I have been in that pit for a year now and it’s time to drag my ass out of it!  I have also been tripping into pot holes of self-pity.  This middle-aged woman really needs a swift kick in the butt for letting time slip by like it has.  Life is short….and if you’re not happy with it, do something about it!

  Oh poor me… friends don’t care, my family don’t care, my grammar really sucks,  my job has no stability, I’m old, I’m fat, blah, blah, blah!  OMG! Who the hell is this person?!  I can no longer let this bitch dictate my life!  Time to step in the cage and kick box her ass back to where she came from! 

  So now it’s time to drown self-pity in the lake of bullshit. Get on with the ideas and dreams I have for myself!  She on her way to the bottom of the lake!

  Motivation, hello, where are you?  I have the rope so now it’s time to build the strength to pull my ass out of the pit.

  Who has not gone through this? There is always that “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Ok, there is always a tomorrow but her lately if it doesn’t get done today, it doesn’t get done. That has been my life this past year.  I have some wonderful career opportunities and if I don’t I don’t take charge of it today it will always be another tomorrow.

 So how am I motivating myself?  I am starting with visuals. I am making a visual poster of where I want to be in a year with my life. Something that I can look at everyday. I am putting it on my bedroom wall so I will see it when I wake up everyday. Next I have a calendar with monthly goals that I want to accomplish penciled in. I do a weekly to do list and every night I make a list of to do’s for the next day.  I know…it’s a lot of list, but these days this is the only way I can keep on track.

  Now maybe I really do need to take up kickboxing.  Not only to get rid of negative energy but to also do something about all this jiggling I am feeling when I am walking around Wal-mart craving a bag of bbq potato chips, which I do buy and eat on my way home!  My diet has gone to crap so my energy level is missing in action.  It is also not helping the root of all this evil. When I was a health nut I was energetic, healthy, happy & motivated. So it’s time to bring the nut back!! Hello wheat germ & bee pollen!









Ladies…..I am ready to welcome back the old/new me because this chick sucks!


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