Hello, It’s Me!

Where the hell does the time go!  Most days I am going in such full gear I have to wear my glasses on back of my head just to see where I’ve been!

  Well last year was very eventful and this year is full of new experiences.  The camp is coming along and there is always something happening there.  I haven’t jumped any sand dunes lately or drove the wheels off the ATV but over the holidays I did get it stuck really good! The agreement was if I got up, on a cold December morning, and checked on the boat, Rusty would cook breakfast. Well I suited up and took off to the boat. Everything was hunky dory, I know you won’t  that in the dictionary, and was on my way back when I got a little off trail. Oh Crap! I tried, I really tried because the last thing I wanted to do was call Rusty but to my avail that beast was not going to come out.  In fact I think I made things worse. So I sucked it up and called “The Man”.  He came to my rescue even though I was on the end of a shovel trying to help dig out some of the mud!


  Well it has been months since I have been to the gym and I feel like a big bag of fluff! And boy do I jiggle! Lucky me, I get to go to my yearly OGBYN visit next week to get told that I am old and fat! I pay the doctor enough money that I should hear “Mrs. Smith! You should be a show girl!”  not, “Mrs. Smith, menopause is just around the corner and you need to watch your weight.”    According to that stupid BMI chart I am borderline obese!   A man came up with that, I know he did. I am going to google it!  There again, why would my blood pressure be high when I see the Doc! Oh it doesn’t end there!  I look at my bill and there is an “Over 40” charge!  Come on! 

  Ok…..this is a good one! I went to a photography convention /expo and at the expo one of the vendors was giving out fortune cookies.  I waited till I got to one of my classes, opened my cookie and what did it say “Oops…..wrong cookie!”  What the!!!!  Life is like a box of chocolates my ass, more like a box of fortune cookies!



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