Facebook…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

  Once up a time, I thought facebook was the greatest thing.  I have reconnected with long-lost friends,and connected with new ones.  It keeps me in the loop with long distance family and even ones that are 30 minutes away. With pictures I can be right there at my nephews ball games and see my nieces in their beautiful dresses heading out to a dance.  I have been able to see when a new baby is coming into the world or someone has lost a loved one.  The jokes make me laugh and the motivational quotes keep me on track.  I even don’t mind the frustrated, who had someone take their parking spot or talk of the rude cashier,  But……and I mean a BIG BUT….. Facebook has also become a place for people to be hurtful, vengeful, and two-faced! Cyber bullying, trash talk, and ugly personal comments.  It’s childish and as a few of my christian friends would “Jesus doesn’t like ugly!”  If you have a personal issue with a family member or friend that is something you should handle personally with that said person.  The comments can back fire and make you look like a real shithead.

   Do you realize that when one makes comments via text, e-mail or messages they don’t always read like they were ment.  Mis-commutation!  What really scares me are the comments that are made by professional, teachers, daycare workers, self employed, etc…… you should really choose your words wisely because it could come back to bite you in the ass and hurt business. We all need to vent, that is why I have this blog, or my friends & I had what we called  a “Bitch Lunch” where we can just get stuff off our chest.  I have seen some real psycho comments on facebook lately! That kind of public display can get someone hurt or in trouble.  Really think before you type! That is one good thing about computer communication, you can proof read and delete those hurtful words. The problem………..no one proof reads anymore! Oops! It’s now there for everyone to see!  It sure can delete a friendship real quick!

  It’s alright for one to give their opinion, Oh yea I did hear something about the freedom of speech, think for yourself, be your own person,….. but when someone else doesn’t agree with the other, that person is bashed and criticized!   You laugh, cry, drink, have deep conversation with people you know all your life and you find out the other person does not have the same views as you,  now does make them a bad person?


Oh and let’s not forget all the political comments! There is enough political “shit” slinging on TV and newspaper and now friends are slinging it on Facebook! It has gotten way out of hand! I am sure there are facebook pages that everyone with their political views can get on to argue, threaten and get nasty to each other.  It’s everyone’s right to post what they want but don’t hate just because someone is not playing on your team!

  My solution……I now hide status updates and if I want to see if anything new is happening in that friend’s life I go to their wall page.  It makes for a much brighter & healthier day!

 I am not pointing a finger any particular people and I do love you all, but if you are offended by this you must be….., well I leave the rest up to you.   If you are now pissed at me then oh well, get over it.   I do, all the time!


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