2011…What a year already!



  OMG!  It’s almost the end of April and the things going on this year…… I need a really long vacation.  Rusty’s Mom has had some major health issues, his brother got married.  New relationships, good ones and bad ones.  Drama around every corner.  School has been going great. I got a little behind but have managed to catch up.  A new child was born into the family and a week later an aunt was hospitalized after having a heart attack. She’s doing fine now.

  I have had some fun but busy weekends.

  The wedding was really nice.  Rusty looked so handsome in his tux!   Had so much fun and danced all night. 

 I even survived my “Stripper” shoes! Yea I said “Stripper” shoes!  6″ stilettos, loaded with bling!  I have never wore shoes that high! I spotted them in the store and went “oooo Sooo pretty…” I got home with them, put them on my feet, stood up and thought I was going to get a nose bleed.  Took my first step and thought “OMG I am going to break my neck !  But at least when I am laying dead on the dance floor I will look like I am on an episode of ‘”CSI” Las Vegas.”  Any hoo I survived the “stripper” shoes.

  Rusty’s mom missed the wedding because she was hospitalized the morning of.  It was hard on her because it was her youngest son getting married.

  I have a niece graduating this year and I am very proud of her.  She asked me to take her senior pictures and I had so much fun with her.  She has turned out to be a beautiful, brilliant young woman.

Another niece turned 18 this past February and I took her zip lining.  What sooo much fun!  It will be skydiving for her 21st!

 I haven’t had too many weekends at the camp this year.  We do have solar lights now so it is really nice to walk into a room and flip a switch without the genearator being on.  Had a nice weekend with our camp neighbors/sister’s in-laws/which now are more like family.  They gifted us with a nice 12 volt TV w/ DVD player for taking care of their camp while their Rusty serves our country.  Thank you Rusty C.  He was on leave so we got to have a good visit with him.  And yes, there are two Rusty’s and the crazy thing is his wife is Louise which is my first name.  It’s all good!

  I haven’t been able to get my little 3 wheeler airborne lately because the guys decided it wasn’t running right and now have it torn to pieces.  I am beginning to think Rusty planned that just to keep me from getting wild on the thing.  He keeps telling me he is getting me a 4 wheeler but I like my little 3 wheeled hot rod!

  Went to Mobile a couple of weeks ago to the ATR 5k.  This year we made it a girls weekend and stayed on Dauphin Island.  It was so much fun and it’s been a while since I laughed that much! It was the above 40 group and boy did we  chil like penguins on muscle relaxers.

Speaking of girlfriends I had a great lunch with five friends from high school!  It was so great seeing them and the stories we reminisced about……are stories we now feel  we can share with our parents without getting grounded!  Ok…. only some.  Other stories they will never hear from these lips!  The things we did!  Can’t wait till the next time!

  Rusty’s mom had surgery day before yesterday and all is well.  I can’t say the same for my back and ass!  I didn’t realize how much sitting for 12 hours in a hospital can take out of you.  I got to work the moring and the last thing I wanted to do was put my butt in another chair! 

   It hit me at one point yesterday morning when I was sitting at work, by myself, with the phone’s ringing and deliveries showing up how tired, stress and mentally fatigued I am.  I just started crying.  Got pissed because I had to come back to work to deal with situations I shouldn’t have to deal with. Cried again. Paid some bills and now I just want to go and lay on a blanket, by a river and watch the clouds go by.  The only sound I want to hear is a few birds singing.  Don’t forget a cool breeze.  I also realized that for the past week I haven’t paid much attention to the clothes I have been wearing or what I looked like.  Today I am fashionably strutting a wrinkle t-shirt, yoga pants and flip-flops.  My face is broke out and there are dark circles under my eyes. ” I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Demille!”


One thought on “2011…What a year already!

  1. Wow, you have had a busy time of it! As I am writing this in June, I hope that you managed to get away and have a rest, and I pray that your family members are recovering and feeling better. Take care!

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