Zen Me Out!

“The greatest meditation is a mind that let’s go.”  ~unknown~


Yes, today I am in a state of Zen.  I feel calm.  I feel light.  I mean spirituality light because after  dealing with the freaking gas pumps  yesterday, at this sad excuse for a gas station I gain 2 pounds from eating the ice cream I needed to calm me down!  Ok, ok ! Sorry about that…I’m back to my happy place now.

  It is a good morning…It started with me finding the perfect outfit ,that fits, in the back of my closet  to wear to my brother-in-laws wedding.  I was so hating the thought of  trying on outfits because I haven’t bought a dress in years!  I told Rusty I was just going to the wedding naked and he said it was fine with him .  Bahahaha!  I am a jeans, hoodie and cap type of girl. Give me a pair of flip-flops any day and I’m happy!  So yea! when I found the outfit and it fit, my day was made.

  I also have the office to myself  for most of the day!  I have my spa music cranked up, the heat on high …..SON OF A BITCH!  While sitting here blogging you guys, I was enjoying a bowl of fruit topped with yogurt and just flicked berries and goo all over me!  Stupid plastic spoon! OMG!  When did I spill coffee on me? Where did these stains come from?… Ok, breathe… breathe…Zen….Zen.  It’s all good you klutz!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..    Ok the calm me is back after trying to wash the berry juice out of my shirt.  It just turned into a camp shirt.

  You know, most of the time I  am usually a very calm and laid back person but as you have read in the past couple of blogs it does not always stay that way.  Yesterday ,I was to that point again of calling Mark Twain’s Guest House and reserving a room   just to get away from all the” me, me, me’s”  in my life and get me a good breath of calmness.  I cherish the moments I had sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine and a little background music, watching the mighty Mississippi flow by.  I was a very peaceful weekend.  I now understand why Mr. Twain wrote so much about it in his stories .  I am afraid that my family and friends do not understand why I do the things I do now but I am letting the me I always wanted to be finally come out.  She has been locked up since I hit puberty.  I am releasing the creative me out in ways I never have before.  Have always had a little fear of people finding me  strange if I was myself but I like strange.  I am not a teenager anymore so why should I care what my peers think.  If they love me they will love me for who I am.   If you are curious just ask. You don’t have to understand me…..just love  and support me.  



3 thoughts on “Zen Me Out!

    • Just remember….you start getting those “Fried Green Tomatoes” moments when you get in your 40’s. I’m just not going to the door dressed in plastic wrap, but instead nothing at all…..maybe! 😮

  1. Great post…I so know how you feel! I am behind on reading my blogs. It is too late at night now, but I will be back to read up on your health challenge…I am past the start date, but I may just give it a try…after all according to my horoscope the new moon this week is supposed to support any efforts I make with regards to health and exercise…yep, it’s come down the the moon and the stars to give my life some direction! 😉

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