What the “F” ?






  Work is just about to throw me into a major  psychotic, bitch from hell state!  I have never been you typical female, no offensive to the sisterhood.  The guys at work, who I am around more than my husband, can’t even tell when it’s that time of month because I keep it to myself.  Why make others suffer because you are hormonal, right? WRONG! I am coming to my breaking point! I am the only female at this business.  I am the accounts payable and receivable Manager. I am payroll.  I am bookkeeper.  I am office manager.   I am errand girl!  I am reception!  I am therapist!  I am maid!  I have no freaking clue what my title is but I am pissed!

  Let’s start at the bottom , our shop guy……takes adavantage of company time, think it’s not his job to keep the shop clean so it’s pretty much a fire hazard and talks a lot and he never wipes his spilled coffee off the counter!  Big in the church and pretty much, in a nice way told me that if I didn’t make things right with the Lord I was going to burn in hell when judgement day came.  I am a very open-minded person.  I do not judge people because I believe that anyone should have a right to pray and believe in who or what ever they want.  I am pro-choice.  When it comes to relationships I don’t see race or gender because it doesn’t matter what color or sex they are just as long as they get love and respect.   I think the Wiccan religion makes good points about taking care of Mother Earth because without her where would we be.  We need to take care of her!  These issues could lead me into a whole other blog so I will stop there. But do not come in my office and preach to me about christianity when you do not know the meaning of the word!  Like I said he spoke of this in as “nice” way.  

  Next…. my co-worker.  We have fun at work.  Give each other a hard time like brother and sister. I like to crack him up by doing stupid stuff like riding the broom from the kitchen to my office.  But ……he stays sick all the time.  He has had some major health issues, not his fault by no means.  He comes to work late every day.  He only gets up from his desk when a customer comes in or he has a truck to unload.  He surfs the net all day, complains because he has nothing to do but won’t even put a foot forward to do anything.  If I wasn’t busy I use to at least pick up the broom and sweep. Any thing to be productive.  He could even offer to help me. It ticks me off because he is on salary and has been getting paid no matter what. At one time he was sales and part of management.  That was when we had 15 employees, now there are only three plus the boss.   He was out for 2 weeks sick around thanksgiving and said it was not right he didn’t have a check because he was there at least 1 day.  I looked it up and I found no law stating that he had to get full pay.  My boss can barely afford to keep up and he wants to get paid for not being here.  If I’m not here, I don’t get paid.   I like the guy I really do, but I think it’s time he was put on hourly. 

  My boss… Is a big push over, doesn’t like confrontation, loses paper work or does not write-up the paper work,  does  not show authority, micro manages and does not stick to a plan.  Leaves door and drawers open, does not put a new trash bag in the can when he takes out the old one and is always in a rush.  He asks for advice but doesn’t take it.

  The bathroom is dirty because I am not cleaning it, there are families of dust bunnies all over because I am not sweeping .  There are dirty dishes in the sink because they are not mine!  I’m not your momma, I’m not your wife.  I will not nag or complain but the bitch is getting fired up and she is about to go postal on your ass!



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