“Give me Aspirin or Give me Vino!”


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  Ok! I’m having one of those weeks and I’m not even PMSing!  I just been around men way too much lately.  All the men in my life have been way to needy and a bunch of pea brains!  Guys are way too spoiled and it’s our fault!  Females take care of them and it starts with their mothers.  It’s in our genes to be nurturing  and I am the worlds worse about trying to keep the peace but OMG can’t they do anything for their self!

  I took of early friday so we could go to the camp. I tell my boss that I am leaving a 1:00.  At 12:30 he says I thought you were leaving.  I tell him yea in a few minutes.  On my way out the door he ask ” You are coming back, huh?”  I say, ” uhh Yea, Monday.”  “Oh I thought you said you were coming back.”   Now who the hell was he having a conversation with earlier?  He told me well have a good weekend and be careful.  Ok…. I get home we load up and Rusty says it doesn’t seem to be much food in the ice chest.  He has his steak for tonight.  I have everything for the meal I am making  saturday night, breakfast fixing, lunch stuff , yea I believe everything is here.  So we get on the road  and he gets a text from one of the guys asking if he was on the way.  Then Rusty ask me to text him to see if we need to stop by and pick him up a steak.  Then he tells me to text another guy to see if we need to pick him up one.  What is it??  Steak night at “Blood, Sweat & Beers”?  Didn’t know we opened up a restaurant!  So much for our quite weekend alone!  I guess that was my plan but didn’t speak english when I said,” Yea I want to go this weekend. Could use some time away from everyone. Just you and I .”  He probaly heard ” Yea I want to go this weekend. Could blah. blah blah balh……….”  Let me explain that none of these guys stay with us, they have their own camp but they do like hanging out at our place and Rusty always invite them to eat there.  He cooks for them because he likes to but when I am there he has a tendency to play with the boys and I end up taking over kitchen duty.  I don’t mind them hanging out but if they are going to eat there they should be on grill duty not me because I don’t eat meat!  

  Saturday was a cold day so I pretty much stayed inside cooking, yes cooking and reading. The one time I walked outside one of the guys asked it the sauce piquante was ready.  Grrrr!  I didn’t even sit out by the camp fire that night.  I didn’t want to hear another fight story, who slept with who or fart contest.  There was just too much testosterone for one to stand.  Was not in the mood for it.  I actually heard one of the guys say that he needed some “Me” time.  You are always at the river and your wife is always home with the kids and you need “Me” time.  OMG!   I some time  get a big kick out of what guys find funny or what they talk about but this weekend I didn’t not bring enough wine to endure it. Was ready to get home sunday.  I am now ready to go back to the camp……..or not!

  Came in for work and my boss was already there rearranging his office.  I asked him when he felt the need to “Feng shui” ?  He said he felt closed in.  You feel closed in??? You have a window and two doors, one to the show room and one to the inner office that you leave open all the time and you feel closed in.  Go sit in my freaking office for 8-9 hours!  One door, four walls and a 6 inch tall window that looks out to another office wall!  My spa music isn’t even helping today.  Boss is running in and out of my office like the  Road Runner on crack, the only other guy in the office isn’t in yet and it’s 10:30, I am about to yank the phone lines out of the wall and feng shui them!  I grab my purse & tell boss, I’m going to the post office.  While I gone I felt like picking up some sushi for lunch and head back to the office.  Before I get to my desk , boss has followed me to the office asking me questions, ones he has already asked me, Rusty comes by and looks hurt because I didn’t get him any sushi.  Didn’t know he was coming by.  And an old co-worker stops by to eat his lunch and ask me why there are no paper towels.  He either said that or something to that effect, because I really wasn’t listening.  I just said “No”, and hoped it covered what ever he asked about.  I wasn’t listening because I was filling out so paper work for Rusty while he took over my computer.  Mean while my boss comes in and he and Rusty start discussing a client in my office while I am trying to get info from Rusty about these stupid forms.  My boss then tells me ” Oh I need you to fill mine out too.”  I know none of this shit that is why I am asking Rusty questions.  What the hell.

  I can not believe it………I just got up to get some water and a customer walked through to go out the side door and he left it open!  And they ask why we are in such a bitchy mood!

 I don’t want to be the responsible one any more!   I want to go to work with the coffee made, the heat on and leave all the doors open for one of the guys to come behind me closing them. I want to come home take a nap, eat dinner and watch tv!  I want to kick back around a fire with a glass of wine, scratching my crotch, burping  and talking about the guys I dreamed I banged!

Dudes………get a clue!   You’re giving me a headache!


3 thoughts on ““Give me Aspirin or Give me Vino!”

  1. OMG u poor thing. Tell ya what, next time just come to my place … if I aint here, I’ll leave the door open or hide a key for ya.

    I got wine, tv and computer… make yourself at home. I’ll visit or give u space, just let me know.

    Love ya!

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