3 Meals ! 1 Chicken ! -Cooking for 2

  NO, I’m not a magician.  I have just learned over time how to make cooking for two easier.  I can take leftovers and BAM!   a whole new meal.  I have a man who doesn’t like watching the same movie over and over.  He is also the same way with his meals.  So for my first installment of cooking for 2, I will show you what  I can do with a whole chicken!

Meal 1-   Slow Cooker Chicken

  1 whole chicken

  1 onion, diced

  1 stalk celery, diced

  2 cloves garlic, minced

4 whole red small potatoes

  Seasonings of your choice.  I like to throw a sprig of fresh rosemary from the garden in with my chicken and sprinkle the chicken with “Slap ya Mama”.

Wash & dry the chicken.  If any, take the neck and giblets out of the chicken.  Place Chicken in slow cooker and toss in all other ingredients.  Cook on low 8-10 hours.  I love my Smart Pot because it goes to warm when the cooking time is up.  Do not add liquid to the pot.  The chicken & veggies make all the liquid you will need.

 Serve with a salad and potatoes.

Chicken can be deboned and skin removed before putting in fridge.  I also put the broth in the fridge to make the fat easy to remove after it is cold.  If I don’t want to make my next dish right away I place the deboned chicken and broth in the freezer for later use. Remove any potatoes that are left.

Meal 2- Chicken & Dumplings

leftover chicken

1 can cream mushroom soup

Canned chicken broth in case chicken didn’t make enough the first go around.

1/4 cup dried parsley or less if you prefer *

1 large can of Grands Biscuits or what ever you prefer . My Mom likes to use egg noodles.

Salt & pepper to taste.

  Place the chicken with its broth in a large pot.  Add all ingredients except dumplings.  Cook low 30 minutes.  Here are a couple of ways you can do your dumplings roll out biscuits on a floured board and cut to the size you want or just pinch them apart and drop them in.  The flour helps to thicken the gravy if you want it thick.  Cook till biscuits are done. Mine will usually sink when they are done after I stir them.

 This can also be frozen but remove the dumpling if made from biscuits because they don’t freeze well.

* I don’t really measure anything so start of with a small amount.  You can always add more but you can’t take it out.

Meal 3- Chicken & Rice

Soo easy!

Take your gravy from the chicken & dumplings and serve over cooked rice.

That easy!

I have also save the slow cooker chicken for homemade chicken soup which with some extra garlic and red pepper it is great for colds.  I freeze it in serving size containers to have it on hand.

C’EST SI BON!!! ( That is good!)



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