Tips to Achieve those New Year Goals


Yes it’s the time of year when everyone make those resolutions.  I still prefer goals.  Here are some tips I got from Oxygen magazine to help you reach those goals. 

Good Luck in the New Year!


1. Choose and define your goals.
Pick your goals and define each goal in one sentence. Make the sentence clear and concise. Putting your goals into words will help you visualize your path toward the target.

2. Make a detailed plan for each goal.
Set schedules, create positive incentives for yourself, identify which resources (such as time, space and money) you will need and, finally, define how you will maintain discipline in your plan.   Block  off dates and times for the gym and make  sure the kids have someone to look after them while you are working out. Create a time and space you needed to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

3. Set a reasonable time frame.
You’re much more likely to achieve your goal if you set out a reasonable time period. This goes especially for weight-loss or fitness goals – the more suitable your time frame, the more sustainable and maintainable the results will be.  Learn  to be patient and satisfied with the results you earn.

4. Post your goals where you’ll see them.
Put your goals in your wallet, on the bathroom mirror or in your office at work. Read them every day, reflect on them and don’t let them out of your mind. Awareness of your goals will help you stick to them when you’re facing a moment of weakness.

5. Reflect and reassess your plans (if need be).
Sometimes our original plan doesn’t go as we expected or is no longer effective. Regularly reflect on your goals and assess whether or not your game plan is helping you achieve them. If it’s not, then figure out what you need to change.

6. Share your goals with someone you trust.
Having someone else in on your goals will help you reach them – you can never have too much support! Your confidante can offer you advice and motivation, or simply be there if you need to talk about your plan for the year. Friends and loved ones can become your greatest cheerleaders and  support you through your journey. That type of support is priceless and it can propelled you through the days when you feel like giving up.

7. Believe in your ability to achieve your goals!
Trust your capacity to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. I know that if you follow the steps I’ve outlined in this newsletter and have faith in yourself, you will achieve everything you put your mind to!


3 thoughts on “Tips to Achieve those New Year Goals

  1. Wow, what a comprehensive list! I may have to rethink mine…basically…my resolutions are that I have things I want to try and my time line is the whole year….you could say I plan on winging it! 🙂
    I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year. I look forward to reading more of your great posts this year!

  2. I am taking one day at a time for things that I want to accomplish. Don’t want to overwhelm myself. Had enough of that during the month of December. Still getting over last year in a whole. Ready for April to be done with then life should be back to normal, hopefully.

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