A New Year…A Toast to New Beginnings!

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
~ Dr. Seuss

  Welcome 2011!

  I have made my goals for the year and have already started working towards them.  I stopped making resolutions, I like goals better.  I did fulfill most of them last year and rolled the ones I didn’t into this year.  I hope everyone sets at least one goal.   You can do it!  It just takes motivation.

  We spent another great week at the camp over the holidays.  The day after Christmas we loaded up the boat and headed to the river.  It was really cold that day but we were desperate to get there.  It was so cold that when we were suiting up for the boat ride we saw snow flurries!  There was one other guy at the boat landing suiting up for his ride & to go hunting.  He said that we all were crazy or just really wanted to be on the river.  Rusty said that we were both.  Well I had on layers.  Long johns, jeans, heavy hooded sweat shirt, skull cap, 2 pairs of gloves, insulated socks, insulated boots……then I shimmyed myself into a green insulated suit.  On top of that a thick life vest.  I looked like the love child of the Michelin man and the jolly green giant! Short, round,  green and fat!  When I walked I heard the tune “Omph pa omph pa……” in my head.  I had to roll into the boat but I was warm!  As soon as we got to the camp we unloaded everything and Rusty built a fire in the heater.  We did not go back outside till the next morning.

  It was a very relaxing  week.  My plan was to enjoy it and not to work.  The first day and night was quite, just the two of us.  Then camp buddies started stopping by.  They worked on my  atv .  Someone broke the handle for the brakes and I told them I never use it.  The four guys standing there all said “We know, you only know how to use the accelerator.”  Were they implying that I drive too fast?  

  We cooked a great New Years eve dinner.  Sat around the fire and watched the fireworks in the distant.  At 12:10 am the rain came again but we have a fireplace under our shed so we stayed nice and dry.

I didn’t have a lot to take pictures till the day we were leaving.  Everything is so dead in the winter that you just can’t get many good shots.  I did take a picture of the damages the beavers are doing to the willow trees.  It looks like the spikes in one of those pit traps.  When we were packing to leave Rusty came upstairs to tell me that he couldn’t tell which but either a beaver or otter was on the bank by the water.  So I grabbed my camera and trotted off to the bank. Where I was at I could see through my lens that it was two otters. 

I had to get closer & a better angle!  So I scoped out the territory and saw where I needed to be.   I  then trekked of through the dead brush, over rotten trees, crossed muddy logs to the perfect spot.  Then I squatted low adjusted the lens and …. HOLY PINK & PURPLE COW THEY WERE FREAKING HUGE!  I pictured otters like the cute little fellows that float on their backs opening clams, not freaking sea lions!  Ok.. they are on the opposite bank now lets get some pictures.  Aww one of them is going for a swim.  click click click  … Damn their freaking big!  Aww he’s sticking his head out of the water looking around, so cute. click click click…  Uh, he just saw me. click click click… oh shit he’s swimming closer, look at those teeth..click click …. Oh crap there is no way in hell I can run through the rain forest I can through to get here in these heavy ass insulated boots …click… ok time to go really fast!!!  I get back to the camp and I tell Rusty that it was two otters and they are freaking huge.  He tells me if I go to the side of the river they are on I could get on the bank above them and take a really good picture.  “Their huge..”   “They won’t hurt you.”  “Their huge..”  ” Here take this stick and tap them with it if they come near you…..”  out of my mouth, ” Their huge..” In my head, “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FREAKING MIND! WHO DO I LOOK LIKE? STEVE IRWIN?!!”  So I take the stick turn to walk of and I hear “Nice knowing you.” with a giggle.  I’ll giggle his ass and place the stick there while I’m at it!  Well I get to the other side, and walk about 20 yards into the woods.  I stopped looked around and said the hell with this.  There was a patch of thorns that only a Transformer could get thru.  Besides I don’t feel like getting my face chewed off!   The shots I got are good enough for me!

  Well we get the get the river taxi loaded up and head to the boat to unload it.  I decided to go back to the camp with Rusty to drop off the atv & trailer off so I can walk back with him and my camera in hopes of seeing more wildlife.  The ride on the way back to the camp I am sitting on back of the trailer and something falls off. I holler at Rusty but he doesn’t hear me.  HMMM we are not going that fast so I will just jump off and get it.  Never jump off a moving trailer and try to plant both feet in the sand.  It does not work.  First my heels hit the sand , then my butt and my feet went up in the air.  It was no “Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon .”   More like a “Drunk Monkey, Kungfu Panda.”   I tried to get up before Rusty saw me but it was too late.  He had already turned around stopped and asked me,” What the hell was that?”  I was laughing so hard by that time because I could visualize it in slow motion.  I asked him it he felt the trailer move and he said that he heard a “Thump”  and turned around just as my feet was going up in the air.  On our walk back we  had to stop to look at the strange tracks and booty marks.  Damn insulated boots!


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