My Holiday Adventure.

“The past is always present in Natchez, Mississippi.” –John Tiong Chunghoo




What a great place to spend a birthday weekend!  I traveled alone and enjoyed every minute of it!

This was the view from my room in the Mark Twain Guest House.  The guest house is located above the Under The Hill Saloon, where in the 18oo’s  renegades, whores and cut throats liked to hang out.  Yep ,my kind of place.  When finding the guest house online there was an insert that if you were looking for a quite place to stay on the weekend this was not it because the bar was open till 2 am and the band played till 1 am.  And boy did they!  I got to my room about 6:00pm friday night, popped the cork on a bottle of wine , sat on the balcony, where I took the picture, and just enjoyed the view.  I still didn’t hear a band by 8:00 so I decided to hit the sack early to get and early start of site seeing.  About 9:30 I was bounced out of my bed with the sound of a bass guitar and the beating of drums.  What the hell!  So I got dressed and joined the party. I met the greatest group of people.  The band was great!

  I got up around 6:30 the next morning, found a nice little place for breakfast the headed to the Longwood Plantation.  If you are not familiar with it, Longwood is the largest octagon house in the U.S.  The construction of it started before the civil war and only the basement was finished for the family to live in .  The basement was 10,000 sq feet.  The house total is over 30,000 sq feet.  It was never finished, which made for a very interesting story.

  If it looks familiar the house was used in a few episodes of “True Blood” and was the vampire kings home.

It sits on 91 acres and the fall colors were gorgeous!

  I then took my travels to the Natchez Cemetery where I wanted to  play with my new camera and get some good shots.  OMG! The place was so freaking big that once I drove in there I couldn’t find my way out.  And who the hell  was I going to ask for directions .  I was sooo relieved to see the front gate! So I headed into town where I had lunch and hit some of the shops.  I walked around a block and right in the middle of Main Street was a 50 foot christmas tree! Ok maybe it was a 30 ft, I don’t know but it was huge!  Cars were driving around it.  I made it back to my room where I stopped at the saloon for a beer and good company.  I got   a nap till about 6:oo, got dress for dinner, I only had to walk 2 blocks to enjoy dinner on the river then back to the saloon till 2 am.  Became buddies with the band and Mr. JD, the bartender made sure I was taken care of.  Mr. JD is about 4’10”, has a big white mustache, wears a shamrock green derby and looks a little like leprechaun. He has been working there for 33 years.   This place is a cast of charters!  I hated to leave the next morning.  I will be back for sure!


  The rest of the week was spent at the camp.  The moon was incredible!  It lit up the whole place.  What a week! I even cooked thanksgiving dinner on the grill.  Thanksgiving day Rusty went to set out some fishing lines while I cooked.  While everything was cooking I decided to take my little 3 wheeler and head off down the river bed to see if Rusty had made it back yet.  He hadn’t so I went back to check on everything. About an hour later I was bored so I took off again.  About 3/4 of the way my atv started veering off to the right, and came to a stop leaning in the sand.  Crap, a flat!  I looked back at my right tire but there was no tire, no wheel, no nothing!  What the____?!? I looked back and about 20 feet back, in the middle of the dry river bed was my tire!  I got off and checked it out but what was I going to do. So I started walking back to the camp because I left my cell phone there and hoped I made it to my phone before Rusty got back.  I called Rusty and told him where my atv was and not to worry that I was fine.  He asked me what happened and I couldn’t help but to start laughing when I told him.  I don’t know how I did it but when I was walking I found the washer and the nut that held the wheel on.  So it was fixed and I was back to jumping hills again!  Now I am known for riding the wheels of my lil red bike!

I love an adventure!


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