Hello All!

It’s me! I am here to play catch up on whats been going on in my life.

  I did another 5k at the Washington Parish Free Fair with my aunt and uncle.  I walked the entire 5k instead of trying to run walk and discovered that my time would be better is I just set my walking pace and stayed with it the whole time.  I then went on a few rides with an 11 year old cousin.  I love fast rides but forgot what the Zipper was like.  The car started rising then it   filpped at the top, ok that was fun, woo hoo!  It sounded like it was going to fall apart.  Then it flipped over twice and the car stopped with us facing the ground! I felt my age because as soon as that happened and I knew that the door was the only thing holding us in the little cage, the little panic voice in my head started screaming,” OH MY GOD! THAT @*#*@#@ DOOR BETTER BE LOCKED! WE’RE GONNA DIE, WE’RE GONNA  DIE! OH #@*#!”  Then I made a plan,”Ok, If I plant my feet ,spread them out and I place one arm across my cousin and grab on to both  sides. I might beable to save us both.  “MAKE THIS @#*@#*$ THING STOP! WE’RE GONNA DIE!”   I was so glad when next few rides only spun and went in circles.  I played it cool. I got off the Zipper laughing and told her it was fun but the freaked out  person in my head said “I will never get on that freaking thing again!”   Woo Freaking Hoo!

  We hadn’t had a halloween party in about 2 years so we threw a pretty good one.  I love Halloween!  The last party theme was Bayou VooDoo with swamp pirates,Alligator Sauce Picante , gumbo and an alter for the Voo Doo queen herself , Marie Laveau.  This year it was Haunted Enchanted Forest.  We had faries, gouls, wood nymhps.  I served Wicked Queen Fingers, Smothered Frog Legs, Black Forest Cobbler along with lots of other things.  I already have a theme planned for next year.  Thanks Rusty for the idea!  It’s a deadly one!

We went to the camp this past weekend.  It finally feels like fall!  Had a fire going outside and inside. I took this trip at the camp to relax some.  We went on an awsome ATV ride saturday.  One of our camp neighbors took us along a creek bed that was so pretty! Then we got on the bigger part of the river bed.  I couldn’t stand to go slow any longer so I made them eat my dust.  I have gotten really comfortable on my little 3 wheeler. I was going up and down hill that I had never been brave enough to try because I have always been afraid it would flip over.  I went up one enbankment so hard that I went air born and almost wet my pants when I came down!  Man was that fun!  My lips are so wind chapped that they have a pretty deep pink color to them. Wish they would stay that way.  I would never buy lip stick again.

Everyone have a great week!

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