Yoga Pose of the Week




1. Stand with feet together, arms along sides of body.
2. Step right foot 3-4 feet to the right.
3. Turn right foot out to face right wall.
4. Raise arms to shoulder height, parallel to floor, palms down.
        Form tip: Ankles are directly under wrists.
5. Stretch right arm out to right, then lower right hand toward floor, placing right fingertips on inside of right foot. (Modification: Place hand on inside of right calf instead of all the way down to foot/floor.)
6. Raise left arm toward ceiling.
7. Look at left hand.
8. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths.
9. To come up, lift torso and right arm, lower left arm, until torso is upright and arms are shoulder height, parallel to ground, palms down.
10. Turn right foot back in, parallel with left foot.
11. Step right foot to meet left foot, lower arms along sides of body.

Repeat on other side.


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