Yeah! Fall Is Here!

Autumn Fires

Robert Louis Stevenson (from A Child’s Garden of Verses, 1913)


In the other gardens
  And all up the vale,
From the autumn bonfires
  See the smoke trail!           

Pleasant summer over
  And all the summer flowers,
The red fire blazes,
  The gray smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!
  Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
  Fires in the fall!

 I am sooo glad the weather has cooled!  It was my first weekend at the camp in a month and the weather was great!  We got to even sit around a fire at night without sweating.  Each morning I wrapped a blanket around me, fixed a cup of coffee and sat on the porch.  My plan was to sit out there and study till Rusty got up but the wildlife was distracting me too much.  I watched two birds sitting on the branch and listened to what sound like a lovers spat between them.  Then I thought I saw a wild hog .  I wasn’t sure , because it moved too fast, till we saw where it had been rooting and spotted its tracks.

  Rusty was like a fire devil!  Both nights he was piling wood up like we were having bonfire.  The temperature started dropping around 7:00 at night.  Friday night he made the comment that it was almost cool enough to build a fire inside.  All I said was “Yea, it’s going to be cold when we get out of the shower.”  That’s all it took.  He lit the logs in the stove and when I went in the camp it was so warm in there it took my breath away!  I had to open the doors to air it out some.  Hey, the bathroom was warm!  The next night he piled up the wood for another bonfire!  He said he was having withdrawals because he couldn’t build a fire all summer.

  We went riding on the ATV’s  saturday.  That was fun!  We visited friends at their camps along the river.  On the way back to the camp we swapped atv’s because mine was acting a little funny and Rusty wanted to drive it to see what was going on.  Rusty’s out ahead of me with one hand on the throttle and the other holding his beer.  I look up to see him taking  a hill a little close to the edge of a small drop off.  Yep, there he goes!  The atv is rolling to the side , I am biting my lip in fear he’ll get hurt and he is trying to save the beer!  All was well.  He scraped the top of his foot, the ATV was up righted and he didn’t spill a drop.  Crocs may not be a good shoe to wear while having that kind of fun.  What had happen was one of the holes in the shoe got hung up in the gear and when he looked down he veered off to the right.  The brake is on the left which was the hand holding the beer so the nut didn’t stop before he hit the hill.  I kept waiting for him to toss the beer so he could grab the handles with both hands.  I asked him, after I found out he was alright,  why didn’t he let go of his beer.  He looks at me like I lost my mind.  There is another reason not to drink and drive…..When your crocs have had enough, they may just bite you in the ass!

Have a great week!


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