Yoga Pose of the Week

Cat Cow

This pose is very effective for relieving back tension as well as increasing mobility in the spinal muscles. This pose is typically practiced as a flow sequence. Keep your movements slow and gentle, as well as coordinated with the breath. Use caution if you have herniated disks, or arthritis in the spine.

1. As you are exhaling, slowly round your spine, dropping your chin toward your chest.

2. Push your spine toward the ceiling stretching the upper back muscles. Take your gaze toward your navel.

3. As you are inhaling, slowly and gently arch your spine. (Take care to not over arch the lower part of the spine.)

4. Move your shoulders up and back, stretching the front of the shoulders and opening the chest.

5. Take the gaze slightly upward toward the ceiling.

6. Exhale and repeat steps 1 and 2. Inhale and repeat steps 3 – 5. Continue for about 6 – 10 more rounds, or until you feel intuitively ready to rest.


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