Sorry…….still here


Sorry, it’s been a while. 

I’m still here friends.  I have just been busy lately.  We have spent the past month at the camp on weekends and it takes so much out of me.  It takes all week to rest and get ready to go back again.  We had a three-day weekend there this past and on the way home Monday I told Rusty’s that I was sitting out the next three weeks. I didn’t do a lot of work Labor Day weekend,  but I don’t think I would have been as tired  if I had.  I was tired and grumpy when I got there.  Let’s see…..sunk knee deep in mud, still itching from bug bites I accumulated from the past two weeks,  still had to cook even after the guys they would be in charge of  bbq-ing because they were out setting lines to catch fish we didn’t get to eat.   Is there more? Yes!  I tried to go fishing .  I cast the first line and there was only about 10 feet of line on the reel so I got another rod and reel.  I cast that one out and again …10 ft of line!  What the hell had these people been fishing in?  A goldfish bowl!  I find a box of new line and put the whole spool on the reel.  Hook, sinker, bobber…I’m set.  My first cast stopped short because some how during my 100 ft  trip from the bench to the river I got the line all tangled up!  Ok, I’m calm.  I get the knots out.  Second cast… the worm flys off!  What the hell????  How does a worm just fly off a hook?  I’m fine.. I just get another worm.  Third cast… hook gets hung up, line breaks.  You’ve seen golfers  when they get pissed and throws  their club in the water?   Yep, I threw the rod and reel….. but….. IT GOT CAUGHT ON THE FREAKING LIMB THAT WAS OVER MY FREAKING HEAD!!   I got it out walked back to the camp.  Rusty was there with our guest and asked me if I got any bites.  I replied “Nope. Not a one.”

   I have two 5k’s I’m signed up for, my house is a wreck, my truck needs an oil change, I need to visit my family…yada yada yada!  My hair needs some desperate attention!  The cap is my friend!  My feet…OMG! I think my toe nails are permanently stained “Mud”.   We are going to a “Hillbilly/Hee Haw” themed party this weekend so my hair and feet should fit right in.

  My 5k training has been zuilch!  My friends will need to be waiting for me at the finish line with a bowl of pasta and a bottle of oxygen waving it under my nose as I crawl across it with my tongue hanging out.  The pasta is to make me finish , the oxygen is for when I pass out  face first in the bowl of pasta!

  I am taking a week’s vacation in October and we are going to the camp.  During that week I “plan” to finish as much painting as possible so my weekends after will be more restful.

  I now have my own ATV to go riding  up and down the river.  I did get to leave camp a couple of times.  The first time I was going to ride in the woods so I grabbed a long stick, got on the ATV and someone asked me what I was going to do with the stick.  This time of the year the woods are full of huge spiders with very strong webs.   So my stick was held out in front of me like a sword!  I looked at them and said, ” Woods, spiders….ta da”  and off I went on my powerful steed with my trusty sword!  It worked pretty good till I realized that the web and spiders were now on the stick I held in my hand on a moving vehicle I needed to be in control of.  So I tossed the stick and took the same path, free of spiders back to camp.  I think I will stick to riding in the middle of the river trees, no spiders!

  Well everyone have a good weekend!  I going to enjoy some relaxation, lunch with my best friend and a party where looking like a river rat works for me!


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