Happy Birthday to My Best Friend!

 Do you believe in soul mates?  I do.  I married one and found the other in my best friend.  She is probably going to kill me for posting pictures of her but I am so proud to have her as a friend.

My BF and I met some 20 years or so ago.  She has a better memory when it comes to dates then I do.  Rusty and her ex was working together and one day Rusty came home to tell me about a couple that liked to camp and canoe like we do.  So, a saturday afternoon was planned for the four of us to go check out a place to canoe.  She and I hit it off as soon as we met.  By the end of the day I felt like I had known this woman forever!

 We have had sooo much fun together! Have taken several “girls weekend” trips together.  We always experience something new when we take those trips.  The “drag queen” show on her 40th,  the Flora-Bama on her birthday/last “Ha Rah” before getting married, Bourbon Street….  

  We have laughed a lot together over the years!  And I mean a lot!   We have sat on the beach and have seen the furture us walk by collecting shells and laughed.  We have seen them in stores shopping and riding bikes.       

   I sometimes think we were twins in another lifetime.  We have a lot of the same thoughts, have even showed up at places before in almost the same outfit . I can always be totally honest  and  myself with her.  She has seen me at my best and at my worst  and still continues to be my friend.  We have developed different interest over the years and we don’t get to see each other as much but when we do there is still laughing.  Our lives have changed and our conversations have become few, but that’s life and I still enjoy every minute of it when we are together.  I could tell so many stories because there is a lot.  Most happy, few sad . 

  BF, when you read this just remember I am always there for you and I love you!  Happy Birthday!


To My Kindred Spirit

by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
We share secrets, we laugh and even cry,We have so much in common,Concerns, likes and dislikes.Ours is a relationship joined byTender velvet chains that link oursimilar dreams of life and love.A gentle intuition guides us in our

individual struggles to succeed

at the things we pursue, to stand

out from the crowd.

In you I have found so much of myself,

Including many of the same

Insecurities and philosophies.

Complete inner-peace and happiness,

These are the things I wish for you,

in the present and in the future

because you are my kindred spirit.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Best Friend!

  1. You made me cry! I love you too!! It seems like yesterday and yet many lifetimes ago we met. We have laughed and cried(me more then you). Just think of all the things we have done together. I look forward to many more years together.
    To my best friend forever. I still have the card you gave me on one of my birthdays of the little girls One blonde one brunette, it looks like us as kids. I keep it on my fridge.

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