Blood, Sweat & Beers

  Happy Monday All!  It’s going to be another hot day in south Louisiana!  Predicting  100 F with heat index near 120 F. Soo  ready for fall! We have also had so much rain that Rusty almost got the truck stuck while backing in the boat yesterday.

  We had a really good weekend!  We was planning to go to the camp friday afternoon but the rain prevented that.  We lucked out and the rain cleared around 4:00 pm.  We decided to go to one of our towns annual events “Hot August Nights” since we had no other plans.  It’s an event where you pay $20 for a wine glass then go around to about  30 businesses to sample wine and check out the art work they have on display.  I got my $20 worth!  Most places give you a lot more than a sip.  I was still able to get up saturday morning and head to the camp.  I have mentioned the camp in several of my blogs so I decided in this post I would give you a little tour.

 Blood, Sweat and Beer, this was the name we decided to give our little camp after it was constructed  in 1994 due to the fact that it took a lot of blood, sweat and beer to build it.  Everything had to be brought in by boat , lots of scrapes and scratches , and at the end of the day everyone looked forward to a cold beer.  The sign hangs on what we call the “People Shed” facing the river.   This is where everyone gathers for bbq’s, and boaters have used it to seek refuge to get out of sudden thunderstorms.  We have met a lot of good people under the “People Shed”.  Many a night there have been countless poker games under that little shed.  When the river was flowing good, camp neighbors would show up with their ice chest and money for bbq and poker.

We have a great fire pit! Haven’t used it much this summer due to the heat.  I was trying to light one saturday night and Rusty asked me if I had gone crazy.   There is nothing like cooking a meal in a cast iron dutch oven in a hot bed of coals.   I call it a “wilderness slow cooker” or better known as “cowboy cooking.”   

 I have started a herb/ “what ever will grow ” garden. I put an iron looking fence border in back of it , something I found in the shed, and everyone now tells me it looks like a grave.  Rusty wants to make a sign that says “Here lies, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme”  Real cute!  But it might be the truth if the herbs keep dying!

This weekend I picked muscadines and plan on making  jelly.  We have vines growing in the top of the trees and when they hit the metal roof it sounds like someone is throwing rocks on the roof! The ant love them too!  My feet are ate up because it was a battle for the grapes!  I think I won, maybe!

 Now on to the camp! It is in desperate need of a paint job!  Rusty’s uncle painted it “handrail blue”  because the paint was free.  At least he didn’t mix up different color to come up with the pink he later painted the camp next door.   Really glad our neighbors change that color when they bought it.  The screened porch runs all the way across the front with plenty of room for a couple of fold out beds.  We have a small table for our outdoor dining pleasure.  There is a large sliding glass door that lets  lots of light into the kitchen and allows us a great view of a sometime flowing river.  I have a great little kitchen that is still big enough to put another fold up bed when needed.  There are 2 bedrooms, a pantry and a nice size bath.  All the comforts of home. We still have painting to do along with leveling the camp, new windows, new flooring and getting the solar panels up, but we will get there. 

   It’s all ours.  No mortgage, no utility bills!  Just a couple of bottles of propane and gas for the generator.  It’s our little retreat and we love it!

Have a great week!

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