Moody, Bitchy, Hormonal, Oh My!




IN spring of youth it was my lot
To haunt of the wide earth a spot
The which I could not love the less —
So lovely was the loneliness
Of a wild lake, with black rock bound,
And the tall pines that tower’d around.

Insert from the  poem-“The Lake”   Edgar Allan Poe

  I saw a scene to an old movie , the setting was a woman’s prison and one of the inmates as being place in solidary confinement for three days.  She fought to go in her little room and was in a state of shock when she came out.  OMG!  Put me in there!  No phones! No Tv! No hearing anyone talk about all the bad stuff going on in the world.  Let me sleep!   At this moment I would fight to get in!   

   Call it what you want!  Hormonal or not I just get fed up!  Wish I could leave the office and just go do something for myself.  Alone.. no one around…just the sound of the birds and a breeze on my face.   I am in need of some serious peace and quite! 

  This weekend I was a little edgy.  I don’t think today will be any better.  Got up this morning to look at than pathetic overflowing trash can in the bathroom, again.  Rusty is driving me mental with all his bad habits that I try to ignore.  Let’s start here…. I get up sunday morning to cook breakfast and had to look at a sink full of beer cans. His reason for putting them in the sink is to let them drain before they go in the trash.  Guess who throws them in the trash? Can’t use the sink till they are gone!  From now on they will get stacked on the coffee table, surrounding the remote.  He will have to go through the cans in order to turn the tv on.  Think he will get the hint?   I spent a couple of hours a few months ago cleaning a spot on the side of our shed for him to put all his ladders so he doesn’t leave the on the side of the house where  we have planted a few veggies.  I keep finding freaking ladders leaned on the side of the house!  There again I am not a nagging type of person so I bit my tongue and put the damn ladder in its place.  Yesterday he mentioned the empty water bottle I left on the coffee table. He said it drives him crazy when I do that.  I gave him a sideways look and asked him if he really wanted to go there?  His response was a quick  “Aaaa no.”   Smart boy!

  I am in the office alone at the moment but there is still the agitation of the phone ringing any moment or someone walking in the front door.  My boss came in earlier to tell me he would be gone for about an hour to make a delivery.  I immediately snapped back with the “mother” voice.  “Where are you going?”  He got this deer in the headlight look and told me.  A minute later I told him I just want to know in case I needed to send out a search party.  He said for a minute there I sounded like his wife demanding to know where he was going. 

“To be or not to be, bitchy?  That is the question.”  Aww hell go with the bitchy.  It feels better!

 Yep…make them fear me!


4 thoughts on “Moody, Bitchy, Hormonal, Oh My!

  1. I’m sorry…I am LMAO at the moment because I can so relate! At time like these I think back to our visit to Oahu to an old Hawaiian village that we toured. We came to one spot where there was a hut that was separate from the rest of the residents. The tour guide jokingly called it the PMS hut. When the women of the village had their periods, they went to the hut to live. The husbands took care of the home and children and had to bring the women their meals to the hut while they were in there. Now that’s what I call service! Garages are wasted on the men, they should be converted to a place of refuge for us. Thanks for the smile and keep ’em on their toes! 🙂

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