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I sure many of you have a hard time fitting in a workout like I do.  I always tell myself that I am going to get up early to take a walk/run before work…..Not!  So I do it after work which doesn’t always go as plan.  Like today is Rusty’s birthday and if he wants to go out to dinner, for his favorite sushi, that cancels out the workout.  If he prefers me to bring it home then “hello gym”.  So I do little mini workouts at work, while I am at the kitchen sink and yes, even in the bathroom.  Our bathroom at work is big enough to do floor exercises, but eww, that would be gross.  But it’s a perfect place to get in a set of squats or inclined push-ups off the counter top.  I can also fit in some leg lifts while washing dishes at home.

  Stretching is important when sitting a lot.  Who would think that sitting all day would make a person so stiff and tired!  And the longer I sit the more I feel my butt spread! So get up and move!

  Below are a few easy stretches and excercise that I found online and can be done anywhere.

Simple Office Stretches

Start by holding each stretch for five to ten seconds and repeat each three to five times or as noted below. Increase the number of repetitions when you are ready for them.

Whole Body Stretch—While standing with your arms at your side, inhale and slowly reach up to toward the ceiling with both arms. Hold the position for five seconds. Then return to the starting position.

Shoulders and Back Stretch—Sitting upright with your hands clasped behind your head, gently pull your elbows back as far as you can hold them in position.

Back Stretch—Standing up, place your hands on your hips toward the small of your back. Slowly lean back as far as you can, tilting your head back slightly to gently stretch your neck. Be sure to support your back with your hands and arms! Return to the upright position.

Neck Stretch—Sitting upright with shoulders relaxed looking straight ahead, slowly lower your head to one shoulder, hold, and then return to upright. Repeat on the other shoulder. Slowly drop your head forward lowering your chin to your chest and then return to starting point.

Finger Stretch—While sitting or standing, gently stretch your hands out, palms down, and spreading your fingers straight and apart. Hold for a five seconds. Then make a fist with each hand and curve your wrist gently inward. Release.

Wrist Stretch—Standing, place one arm are at your side with the fingers extended straight and flat. Grasp your forearm with the other hand. Gently bend your free hand upward from the wrist and hold for five seconds. Relax. Repeat three times. Repeat the stretching with the other wrist.

Simple Office Exercises

Wrist Circles—While sitting, hold your hands out with palms down. At the wrists, slowly rotate your hands inward and around three to five times as if you were drawing circles. Then repeat rotating outward.

Shoulder Rolls—While sitting or standing, slowly roll both shoulders backward, down and around in a circular motion completing three circles. Then slowly roll both shoulders forward, down and around in a circular motion completing three circles.

Leg Lifts While Sitting—Keep one foot flat on the floor and raise the opposite leg off the ground. Gently raise and lower the leg a few inches 10 to 20 times. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Leg Lifts While Standing—Standing straight with abs in and bending at the knee, slowly lift one leg up in front of you until level with your hip. Hold for three seconds and then lower back to the floor. Repeat on the other side. Lift one leg straight out to the side a few inches off the floor. Hold for three seconds and then lower back to the floor. Repeat with other leg. For added balance, you may want to hold on to the back of a stable chair or other piece of office furniture when doing these exercises.

Foot Rotations—While sitting, slowly rotate each foot around in circles—both directions.

Arm Rotations—While sitting or standing, hold your arms straight out on each side of your body and make small circles with your arms. Circle forward several times and then circle backwards several times.

Inner Thigh Workout—While sitting, place a full water bottle between your knees and gently squeeze the bottle with both knees.

Quick Cardio Workout— Climb the stairs and take a brisk walk during your lunch hour.

Have a good one!


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