Slip ups and Set Backs

He that eats till he is sick must fast till he is well.  ~English Proverb

That is how I feel lately!

  I have been eating clean for the past 2 years and over the past 3 months I have been over indulging in junk foods and loads of  sugar.  If you’re not familiar with eating clean it is a very healthy way of feeding your body.  You cut out processed foods.  Whole grains , nuts,  fresh fruits & veggies are my friends.  It’s really not that hard to do, but it all started after my second 5K…..

   Seafood boils, birthday parties, BBQ’s, vacation, etc.  Cakes, ice cream, strawberry short cakes, potato salads, Mac & cheese, chips and dip. OMG!  I was out of control!  My energy level’s real low, my skin in bad shape, my mind stayed fuzzy and muscle tone, HA!  That is gone.  So after lying around all weekend drinking beer and eating chips I decided I felt like crap and it was time to pull my “Eat Clean” book to re-read it.  I started training monday for another 5K in september, already mailed my registration form, got back to clean eating and I am already feeling my energy levels picking back up after 3 days.  If I am going to be a nutrition coach I need to practice what I preach.

  Also back to the portion control thing.  There has been no kind of control for me in the past few weeks.  That little hairy craving monster has been attached to my hips lately.  Can’t …..stop….at….PJ’s Coffee…..but I must……have……Mocha Granita …with whip cream…..   No more Granita’s!  So, girlfriend on your next work visit, a tea,  please.  The old body can’t handle the sugar anymore.

  In conclusion….. Health Nuts do Crack!


4 thoughts on “Slip ups and Set Backs

  1. This is a very motivating post! I might not be able to be totally eating clean but I think controling your portion is great idea!

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