Rolling on the River

Hello all!  I’m still here, it’s just been a busy few weeks.  This week hasn’t gotten any better because my boss is leaving for vacation and instead of writing everything down and going over it with me before he leaves, he pops in every few minutes.  I also registered for classes last week, got my books in this week and I have to write an essay before the 19th.  OMG!  I haven’t written an essay in almost 20 years.  I don’t even remember how!  What have I gotten myself into!  It will be ok, it will be ok!

  Spent the 4th of July weekend with my brother and his kids at the camp.  I think Rusty had as much fun as the kids did.  He introduced them to limb lines fishing and they would go out   10:00  at night to check them.  The girls would jump right in the boat ready to go.  My 17-year-old niece wants to spend her 18th birthday there with friends.  My “Nature Girl”!

  Before they left they want to know when they could come back.  So glad they had a good time.  Maybe Labor Day weekend.

  We now have a water tank that collects rain water!  Poor Rusty!  Murphy’s Law has been working on him. He went the Wednesday before the 4th to put in the water tank. The boat was so loaded down that the fin over the trailer tire rubbed on one of the tires and chewed most of it off .  Well he gets to the camp where he and our camp neighbor install the water tank. Things went well Thursday.  That night he tells me that he has to get some parts, get the tire fixed then he would come home to pick me up.  I was going to take off at noon to be ready for him.  He gets up friday to go into town for a few things .  He gets to his boat and it has almost sank  from the rain the day before.  He calls me at 11:00 to tell me I need to come in my truck, because not only did it take forever to bail out the boat, he picked up the wrong part.  Okay I meet him at the boat landing, we get the boat loaded up with the supplies I bought ,and head off to the camp.  About a quarter of the way up the river the motor just quits! SOB!!! He cranks it up and it runs like a snail on pot.  Quits again!  He tries to paddle to some shade because he has no sunscreen on and sweat is dripping off the bib of my hat.  He wasn’t doing that great in back of the boat because it is so wide so I take over the paddling.  My plan was to crack open a beer when I got in the boat but told myself if he can get the motor working I would crack open one for both of us. After half an hour it finally starts and I just kept saying in my head, “Come on, get us to the camp, get us to the camp. I want a beer, I want a beer.”  As soon as the boat hit land two beers came out of the Ice chest.  Rusty thinks that when the boat was sinking water got in to the ignition switch.  Yes, we do have a pump that is there for the purpose of pumping water out of the boat when it hits the sensor but guess what? It decided not to work at the moment the boat was filling up with rain!!!  He also has posion ivy, again.

  This series of “Murphy’s Law” disasters started the weekend I got a black eye!  I think the camp is jinxed!


3 thoughts on “Rolling on the River

  1. Look like you had quite a week! How’s the boat now? 🙂
    I’m looking forward to reading more interesting post form your blog 🙂

  2. Quite the string of luck your having…perhaps you should call it Survivor Camp! Here’s hoping Murphy runs out of luck soon!

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