It’s hot…I’m melting!



OMG!  How can a person sweat sooo much for two days and not lose a pound!

  We went to the camp this past weekend to make preparations for my brother and his kids.  He is bringing he three kids, two of their friends and another adult with him for the 4th of July weekend so we were at the camp trying clean up for their visit.  The heat index has been around 115 degrees for I think the past couple of weeks but it felt hotter while working at the camp.








No black eye this time!  No one got hurt but the walk up the river bed to get the ATV and trailer is about a mile now.  We went friday late afternoon so we were able to find some shade to walk in.  We started working as soon as we got there because Rusty’s main goal was to get the water pump working then put the A/C in.  No water!!!! Thought it was a problem with the pump.  It is now because we burned it up trying to pull up water when there was none.  Yep, our well is dry!  With the river level so low our well has ran dry!  We still have a hand pump to carry in water for flushing and dishes but don’t know how long that will last.  Thanks to our neighbors again we were able to take a quick shower.  We have decided that we are going to a rain barrel system like they have and later dig a deeper well for back up.

  Rusty built a small fire to use long enough to roast a couple of hot dogs.  He loves his camp fires but that was the last thing he want to sit around this weekend.  The generator and fans got a workout though.

  After eating we started working again.  At 10:15 that night Rusty was finished installing the a/c and it was immediately turned on.  It was sooo wonderful that I had to sleep under a blanket.  Rusty turned the generator off about 5:30 a.m. and as long as the doors stayed shut it was bearable inside,  but most of the work had to be done outside.  I swear I felt like I was MELTING!!  The heat was getting to me.  I would go up the stairs into the camp and forget what I went in there for.  That was happening all day!  Rusty said the same thing happened to him a few times so I know I wasn’t going crazy.  Got a good workout going up and down the stairs!  

  We were in bed, under the cool air by 10:00 saturday night.  We were both exhausted.  Sunday morning we ate a light breakfast and packed up to leave by 11:30.  I was so ready to get home to get some rest.   I know,  it was the middle of the day but we were ready to go.  The ATV ride to the boat was nice but I knew Rusty was going to have a long hot walk back to the boat when he returned the ATV.  While cleaning out one of the closets I found a red and white striped umbrella.  So I told him to use it for his walk back.  Before he left me at the boat I handed him a large bottle of water,  a wet towel to put on back of his neck and the striped umbrella.  He graciously took the water and towel but rolled his eyes at the umbrella.  I gave him the “You will thank me later” look and off he went on the ATV.  After he left I moved some things around in the boat,   drank some water.  Hung my feet in the river, drank some water.  Thought about stripping down to my underwear and jumping in the river, drank some water.  Wished I had the umbrella, drank some water.  Started scanning around for some shade.  It’s hard to find shade in the middle of the day on a dry river bed.   Spotted one little spot so I grabbed my water and camera.  Hey, who knows what I might get a picture of.  We saw deer tracks , tracks from an alligator and I know there are wild pigs along the river.  The pigs are the only thing that worries me because I heard that they can be psycho and come after you.  I did see a crane in flight but it was too fast for me to take a good picture.  I then spotted a red and white stripped umbrella coming towards me.  I greeted Rusty with a smile and asked him if the umbrella helped.  All I got was a “Sure, I knew that I didn’t use it I wouldn’t hear the end of it  .”  Alright Mister Man,  suffer next time! 








Was soooo glad to get home!  Got the boat unloaded, took a shower, grabbed something to eat and took a nap.  We both got on the scales and it was the same as it was before we sweated for two days!  Come on!!!  I sweated at least two buckets of water and ate light!  I kept telling Rusty it will probably show something in a couple of days because we could be retaining fluid.  Yea that sounds good!!  Retaining fluid.  How the hell can I retain fluid when more came out then went in!  

  Well have a good one and stay cool!


6 thoughts on “It’s hot…I’m melting!

  1. I can’t even remember the last time we went camping and sat around the bon fire. I guess the kids enjoyed this trip the most! I can’t wait to pack up stuff and be on the road again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love reading your blog, it makes me smile every time. The picture of Uncle Rusty with the umbrella is priceless. Love you both

  3. Think of the water retention as a survival tactic of your body so you don’t dehydrate. Your camp site sounds wonderful and I hope you have a great time when you finally get to enjoy it without all the hard work! Thanks again for sharing your story with us!

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