I’mm Baaack!

Hey all!  I had a great vacation at Dauphin Island, Alabama this past week!  The beach was beautiful. The water was clear!  Boy does the media know how to dramatize things! We did not see one sign of oil.  The only thing the clean up crews had to pick up was an occasional beer can.  I am not saying that it is a waste for them to be there because who knows, any day now a mega wave of oil could wash in.  I’m just saying to do your research before you cancel your vacation to the gulf.  I find the NOAA maps very helpful.

  Well we saw lots of fish feeding on shrimp and bait fish.  Pelicans diving into the gulf to dine on all the fish.   And blue crabs fleeing from my dip net in the surf.  They were delish!  We boiled 10lbs of gulf shrimp we bought from the seafood shop on the island.  They were also quite tasty!

 We saw two water spouts, watched a lightning storm that lasted till 3am, and saw majestic sunsets.  I floated on a hot pink raft which is a good color for the coast guard to see in case one falls asleep and floats off. 

   Oh yea… I preformed my first mooning!!!  My friend and I was sitting on top of the sand berm the first night having a drink, listening to the waves when someone from our deck kept shining a spot light on us.  So I told my friend “Come on. Let’s moon them.”  And without even giving it a second thought we stood up, dropped pants and mooned them!  The light went out and it got real quite on the deck.  I think we put them in shock.  We just started laughing and laughed even harder when we found out that we both had been “mooning virgins.”  When we finally left our berm I asked Rusty who all had been sitting on the deck.  He said everyone.  We were all adults there so no children were scared.  Rusty said my friends husband asked him “Did I see what I think I saw?”  Rusty said “Yep.”   Girls if you have never done it before you have to try it at least once in you life time.  It was very liberating!  We all had a good laugh “in the end.” 

Well every one have a great day. I get to catch up on my paper work. Yea me!


4 thoughts on “I’mm Baaack!

  1. Wowww, what a great vacation. The sunset picture is so beautiful. And yummm I know you had an incredible time with seafood! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like you have brought home many great memories! Thanks for showing us that for now at least, there are still beaches that people can go to down there.

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