No compassion!

  How can you have compassion for someone who  puts their self in the situation they are in?  I have none for my mother-in-law.  Let me explain.  She has kidney failure.  She is on dialysis and should be going three times a week.  She only goes twice.  Sometimes she was only going once a week.  The last time she was sent to the hospital she was in such bad shape she couldn’t hardly breath and could have had heart failure. Her potassium was deathly high.  If you don’t know anything about kidney patients foods high in potassium and phosphorus can be   deadly if not dialysised proper  and not sticking to the renal diet.  Well while she was in the hospital I made a visit to her kitchen and purged it.  I found sooo much stuff   she was eating  that is pretty much slowing killing her.  She knows better!  She has pamphlets and food list her dietitian gives her.  She has been doing this for about five years now!  So yea she got pissed when she got home and found her stuff gone and replaced with food she can eat.  Then she started feeling better, going to dialysis twice a week and doing great on her eating.  I even saw her dancing in her son’s kitchen Mother’s day weekend.  Hadn’t seen feeling that good in a long time.  I was policing her kitchen twice a week and stocking it with things I knew she could have and liked.  The dietician called me a couple of weeks ago to let me know that her numbers had gone down but still had a way to go and to keep doing what we were doing.  Great!  I called my mother-in-law told her she was doing good to keep doing what she has been doing & let’s keep working to bring those numbers down.  Well I slacked off some hoping she now was grown up enough to handle it her self.  I started going to her house once a week to check on things & to leave her some supplies.    I skipped last friday and this monday to find she can’t be unsupervised anymore.   I went today, I always go when I know  she is at treatment .  For two reasons.. one to make sure she goes for her treatment and two so I don’t have to fight with her when I take stuff from her fridge.

 Today when she gets home she be get pissed again.  I went by and the first thing I found was triple chocolate cookies on her coffee table.  Chocolate has as much potassium as bananas.  Then I find Ice cream in the freezer.  Dairy another no no.  Raisan bran hide in back of fridge. Corn flakes , even cereal like fruit loops are ok but she can’t have bran or whole wheat products.  By then I am fuming.  I start to leave and thought about the cereal.  I bought her vanilla rice milk which she can have but she said it was too sweet so I got her a carton of plain.  She hadn’t touched the vanilla in two weeks &  the plain has never been opened so what was she eating on the cereal.  Hide among containers of apple juice, why are there three open bottles of apple juice,  is half a gallon of milk!  I grabbed the milk and cookies and stormed out.  I will have to go back for the rest.  I am just trying to help the woman but she doesn’t seem to want to help herself.  Her son’s are giving me full support on this and they are the ones she calls to bitch out about her cookies disappearing. 

  She’s only 66 years old!  She still drives.  She loves to spend time with her kids and go to bbq, etc…. But if she keeps making her self sick  she can’t do these thing.  Apparently those cookies are more important than her family.  It’s time it is brought to her attention.

  People come on!  This is for everyone out there that ignores their doctor when they tell  you that you need to take better care of  yourself!  Weigh the odds…. high blood pressure or less salt….. skin cancer or sunscreen…..heart failure or weight loss?   Better  health or $400 a month in prescription drugs that have side effects which can cause other health problems .  Just a few examples.  There are people out there that love you and don’t  want to see you die!   Your body is the only body you have!  Take care of it!  Please!


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