The waiting game….

  I am always the loser when I play that game.   This is what I am talking about…… I am in our bathroom last night and I take a good look at the trash can.  It is so full that is has overflowed.   It’s sits in the corner of the room so it has two walls for support.  An empty toothpaste box stands upright leaning against the wall to keep it from falling on the floor.  There is an empty toilet paper roll barely hanging in there and one that just couldn’t take it anymore only to retreat to the floor.  Meanwhile this poor empty pill bottle  looks like it wanted to join the roll on the floor but changes it mind at the last-minute.  Ok, I noticed two days ago that the trash was pretty full but I wanted to see if the other party, that lives in the house,  would have that little light go off in his head.  You know the one that says “Oh my,  the trash is looking quite full today.  I should empty the pretty blue can.”  Nooo!  I am the one that couldn’t take the fact that the trash can looked as if it was going to throw up on the floor at any minute.  So I go get a bag ,because there is no way to pick the can up without it losing half its contents.  I pick up the unfortunate roll off the floor, I remove the toothpaste box that is standing  at attention.  And as my hand approaches the empty pill bottle that is living on the edge I get the feeling that someone is standing at the door.  Yea it’s the “man of the house”.  He asked me if I want him to empty the trash can.  I tell him no I’ve got it.  Come on!  I was already in the process of doing it why stop now?   I think that when I am fed-up I now put off such strong vibes he can   feel the little pins I am mentally sticking in his voodoo doll ! 

  The other thing is he pulls something out of the medicine cabinet and it sits on the counter top for a week before I can’t stand it anymore and put it back where it belongs.

  We went on vacation one year and when we got back he set his fishing equipment in the livingroom because it was raining too hard to put them in the shed.  They sit there for THREE weeks!  Yes , I put them away.  His comment to that was “I was going to do that.”  When?  Next vacation? It’s my fault.  I just can’t be a nag .  I keep having hope that some day it will click in that head of his “Hey,  I’m going to do something great today and put up the hemorrhoid  cream so it won’t lay on the counter for my loving caring wife to look at everyday.”  It’s time to teach the old dog new tricks.  Had some thoughts about that over the weekend while at the lake.   Will let you know how that works.

This is the bathroom trash at work.  We play the waiting game there to.  I will not be defeated!!!!








To be continued…………………


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