PETA???What are they really about!

  I’m sorry, I just have to put my two cents in.  I am totally against animal cruelty.  I hurts me to see an animal suffer but what is PETA really?  They flew a banner over Mobile, AL right after the Deep Horizon explosion happen saying “Meat on the grill=oil spill”.  What was that about?  What the hell does the oil spill have to do with grilling meat?  What was making that plane work?  Are all members riding around on bicycles?  How do the PETA celebrities travel?

  What’s with the “I’d rather go naked then wear fur.” ads.  Give me a break!  I read where one of these celebs ,who was in a PETA ad, lost weight and her diet consisted of grilled salamon, eggs, turkey bacon, grilled chicken uhhh. Hello!  How can they have a non-vegan in one of their ads? 

  All the money they waste on that kind of stuff should be put to better use.  Right now the wildlife on the gulf coast and in the gulf is going through one of it’s most devastating disasters and the is not one word of it on their home page!  Which PETA celebrities are in the marshes right now helping with the rescue of oiled soaked wildlife? Where is PETA after natural disasters when homeless pets are trapped, lost & starving?  If they are doing such great thing why aren’t we hearing about it. The SPCA has a rescue response team, where’s PETAs? 

  Come on PETA ! If you truly care about the animals then get your hands dirty by helping and quit using slander and expense ads to try and get your point across!  I think the word is hypocrite.


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