Cabin by the lake.









Well I’m back from a wonderful long weekend.  We rented a cabin for our 25th anniversary.  We caught some fish and did a lot of relaxing.   Our cabin had a nice dock that lead to a gazebos which sat on the lake. The water was crystal clear and there was enough grass in the water for the fish to swim in and out of.  It was as if we were looking down into an aquarium.  I sat out there a lot watching the clouds, enjoying the cool breeze and just letting my mind clear of everything else going on in the world. 

I really needed that.  I have been getting so angry about the oil spill.  The oil company and the government have killed our marshes.  There should be no waiting on the corp of engineers.  Action should have been taken! I am going to stop here because I will just get myself worked up again.  It is just breaking my heart.

   Fishing with Rusty was fun.  We were having a contest to see who caught the most.  I lost by 2.  I am not very good at setting the hook.  Some of mine were only 3 inches long but as long as we got  it in the boat it counted.  Rusty is the winner for catching the smallest fish.

   Sushi!  Don’t worry,  everything was catch and release!  That baby needs to grow.

  We mostly fly fished and I didn’t hook Rusty, not once!  I love fly fishing!  Would like to do that kind of fishing in Alaska some day.

  Friday morning, to my surprise, Rusty woke me up before 6:00am to go fishing.  I have no problem getting up early but if you want to have a conversation with me you better wait an hour or two.  I am so uncoordinated that early in the morning.  Rusty laughed at me when I got the line going the wrong way and my arm went around the back of my head to pass the rod to my other hand so I could get out of that mess.  He asked me if I was doing a new kind of yoga, “fishing yoga”?  I am glad I was there for his entertainment.  Good thing I had the camera!

  Well the weekend was enjoyable and I am looking forward to doing it again.

Have a great week!


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