My Yearly Doctors Visit.

   A while back some one sent me an e-mail about a lady’s yearly Doctor’s visit.   I had to laugh and realized that I had a similar story of my last visit.

  Back a few months ago I went for my yearly visit to my obgyn.  It was the usual routine.  The nurse ask me the routine question.  Do I smoke? No. When was my last period?  Two weeks ago.  Am I taking vitiams? Yes. Etc,etc, etc…  Now it’s time to step on the scales.  OF course the shoes come off then I step up.  Ok not bad, I am down a pound.  Better a loss than a gain.  Then she ask me my height and walks over to a chart I have never seem before.  Before I relay what she then said let me tell you I have been the same weight, give or take 5 pounds, for the last 6 years.  She then tells me that I have fallen into the obese category.  What?  Obese?  I immediately feel my face get hot and I hear my heart beating in my ears but the sound isn’t ” thump-thump”, it’s “obese-obese”!  She then puts the blood pressure cuff on me only to tell me my blood pressure is high.  Well yea BITCH, sorry about the langue but that was the word I screamed in my head at the moment.  You just told me I was OBESE.  Whats with this freaking chart?  Where did it come from?  I never saw it before! 

  Then the doctor comes in.  Ask me how’s it going?  Continues with the pleasantries as he spends about 60 seconds face to face with my Vajay-jay.  Tells me every thing looks great……Then he looks at my chart.  Brings up the obese thing…..brings up the blood pressure which surprised him because it has always been normal.  Told him I was taking sinus meds….. Didn’t want to relive the obese thing again.

  When I got home Rusty asked my how was my doctor’s visit.  I told him that I found out that he was married to an old, obese, on the verge of a stroke, woman.

  Well I have taken an oath that my next visit I will NOT be obese, damn it!  Next year that crappy chart better say I am overweight!

Cheers & Beers  Ya’ll!


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