It’s all…

It’s friday again! Yeah!  I got to work an hour early this morning and have achieved more in that one hour then I do in four.  I like being alone in the office first thing in the morning.  I can have my coffee, no phones interrupting,  no one asking me a dozen questions… just peace.  I needed it this morning. 

   I went home in such a mood yesterday!  I have too many men in my life! I am the only female at work and most of my adult life I have been around men more than women mostly because of  the jobs I have worked on and the fact that I have more single male friends then female.  Don’t get me wrong , I like hanging out with them.  The drama is less, it’s still there just different.  There is nothing fake about them. What you see is what you get.  But OMG!  They are soooo clueless!

  The discussion in the office yesterday started with some joking around about all the crazy phone calls we had been getting.  Then it went to women being crazy.  Ok I did admit that we can be a little on the crazy side.  Then the conversation took a turn in a new direction….. One of the guys, who has been married for less than a month, asked me  and I quote ” Why is it when women hit their 40’s they have a mid-life crisis and start dressing and acting like a teenager?”  OK… this is fine… I can educate him  a little.  As soon as I started on ” not every woman goes through……”  I saw this look on his face that said ” yea well I asked but I really don’t want to hear it.”  Then my boss says , and I quote again, ” Yea they turn 40 and it’s then  all about me, me, me.”  I was done with that conversation.  I didn’t want to blow up , so I changed the subject and went back in my office.  I left work later without saying  goodbye, goodnight , see ya.  I just left!

   For most of us, we spend 20 years of our lives taking care of children, husbands, and some time parents.  We feed them, make sure they have a clean house, take care of them  when we are sick, wash their dirty underwear  and listen to me, meme when they have a bad day! 

  I was in such a mood I went straight home.  Mistake, should have went to the gym.  My “Man”  came home , after taking the day off to go crabbing  with a buddy,  with a slight buzz.   Didn’t catch a thing, didn’t put anything back where he got it, and asked me why I wasn’t at the gym.  I told him I was having a bad day and I just got the “Oh great!” look.   He didn’t ask me what happened just started telling me about his adventures in crabbing.  I walked out of the room and started cleaning.  That’s what I do when I’m pissed.  Got a lot done.  Even cut the grass!  I did all of that  while Mr. King of the Crabs napped on the couch.  He had to heat leftovers beans for dinner.  Ha, he hates leftovers.    When he asked me where the cornbread was I handed him a box of jiffy.


 Wish I was there!

   I am just going to chill and keep my comments to myself because if I see one eye rolling or “it must be that time of month” expression on one of these guys faces, I might have to knock them in to next year! 

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “It’s all…

  1. Wait til you have a historectomy. They start saying, “I thought you were supposed to be nicer.” If it wasn’t for them annoying the hell out of us then we would be nice.

    If I want to act childish, I will. If I want to wear a sleevless shirt, I will. If I don’t want a bite of what you are having or a drink of your beer or a puff off of your cigar, leave me alone. If you want to look like a 6 year old boy in the middle of walmart and sound like one too, wait til I am not with you. Just because I am a stay at home wife/mom, don’t mean that I have nothing to do. While you are standing by the coffee pot yelling for me to fix you some coffee, get over yourself and get it yourself. If you don’t like the clothes I bought for you, then take them back and get them for yourself, and the right size at that. (another story) If you don’t like what you ordered, don’t look at mine wanting it because I told you that you would not like it. Lol

  2. What about closing the backdoor! I’m dying here from HOT FLASHES every 30 minutes and the back door is left open. I shut that door 5 time this morning. Mr. Man(who knows how I feel) NOT, is going to die a slow horrible death if that door is left open one more time today!

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