The Wonderful Signs of Spring!

  We had such a long cold winter this year.  The snow was pretty and made some great  pictures , but spring finally got here.  The the weather is great, the flowers have bloomed and the bees are buzzing.  We are happy to see some this year.  We have been cutting around the clover so they will hang around the yard to help pollinate the garden. I don’t think enough people are educated on the importance of bees.  One came in the building at work one day and the girl up front was screaming “Kill it”.   I had to explain to her why they are so important to the earth.  I thought they taught that in school.  If they are then the kids aren’t listening.  Well unfortunately I killed one  yesterday.  Yes, I’m a bee killer!  I was out enjoying the cool weather and abundant sunshine.  I was letting to grass tickle my feet when I thought I stepped on a thorn, untill it started throbbing!   I saw the bee, then found the stinger lodged under my big toe.  I went inside to get a credit card because I heard not to squeeze the poison sack.  The credit card didn’t work. So I grabbed a knife.  No , I didn’t cut myself but, it worked better then the credit card. 

   This wasn’t the first time I got stung on the bottom of my foot and every time it has been my big toe.  I always pulled it out with my fingers but I wanted to do it right this time.  I took a  benadryl, soaked it in some warm salt water & propped it up.  By the time I went to bed all looked well.  This morning… was red, swollen & I couldn’t put my tennis shoes on.  Read online that it’s better to go ahead and pull the stinger out quick then to walk around looking for a credit card!  Go figure ! I deserved it for ending the life of one of nature’s most important employee. 

   So while you are out enjoying the lovely spring weather watch out for our friends the Bees.  They are the hardest little workers on earth.


2 thoughts on “The Wonderful Signs of Spring!

    • Both! Today was the first day I could even wear shoes. Last night I caught him outside with no shoes on. He said that he dosen’t step on bees. As if I go around looking for them.

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