Happy Mother’s Day

  It’s Friday!  And Mother’s Day weekend!  There will be pounds of BBQ and  mountians of crawfish eaten this weekend in honor of Mother.  I will get up in the morning , take a drive to see my Mom,  spend some time with her & Dad.  Then come back to Hammond to visit more Mom’s, they are not my Mom but I love them like family.  I will end the day  at my brother-in-laws with a pile of crawfish & wishing Rusty’s Mom a Happy Mother’s Day.  Sunday….. Mother’s Day….. I am saving for me.  I’m not a mother as in, giving birth, but I have been called Ma and I try to give motherly advice.  So I think I will have my own mother’s day.   Sleep late, lay in bed with a cup of coffee, maybe work in the yard.  That has become one of my favorite ways to excercise and clear my mind.

  I don’t regret not having children.  I know we would have been really good parents.  Rusty is great with kids , I think it is because he is a big one hisself.  He will tell you right quick that I have spoiled him & he likes it that way.  I think we are both spoiled.  We love all our nieces and nephews, even those that have dubbed us Aunt & Uncle.    I wish I could spend more time with them but  we stay on the go a lot and these days kids have more of a social life than adults.

  Mothers…….you don’t deserve a day.. you deserve a whole month!

So to all  Mothers & future Mothers……  Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

Momma ,

   Thanks for giving birth to me! I love you!


One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. That was so sweet! You definitly deserve a day. I think of all the times that you’ve been there for just about everyone I know. I hope you have a truly special weekend, with your family and friends.

    Love ya

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