Happy Ugly Day to Me!

Yep! It’s one of those days. It’s Ugly Day!  That’s the day when having bad hair is not enough.  Oh no….you’ve got Mother Nature here for her monthly laugh, I think Father Nature came up with that one like  Allen Gant came up with the pantyhose! It’s just twisted!  I looked in the mirror & decided it was a “Hat Day”.   I have the completion of a teenage boy going through puberty.  Tried to cover it up with make-up but made it look worse.  Thank goodness the cap shadows some of it.  Well it was time to dress… grabbed a pair of jeans that was on the floor because I knew they were stretched out enough to help with the bloating.  How did they get stretched out?  I not ashamed to say it.. guys do it all the time…ok it’s the 3rd day in a row I am wearing them.  I haven’t been mud wrestling in them and I work with guys …. when do they notice what we wear unless it is showing cleavage.  Grabbed my biggest t-shirt, tennis shoes. Yea!  Looks like I’m ready for that Monster Truck Show instead of work.

  Get to work and feel drained of all engery.  My boss comes in to ask me something and I think I growled because he backed out of my office slowly. One of the guys at work  came in wearing the same t-shirt and a black cap like I was wearing.  That’s not the first time.  It happened on my last “Ugly Day”.   I guess it alright as long as he dosen’t  come in on his “pretty days” dressed in a pink shirt and cute flip flops.

 Now I am sitting at my desk when I close my eye and feels alittle discomfort on my lower lash line.  I look in the mirrior and I now have a pimple coming up on my lash line.  Un-freaking-beliviable!

  Well besides looking like crap today, it hasn’t been too bad.  Had a visit from the hubby.  He did notice my jeans & asked me if they were the ones I had on yesterday.  Crap…busted!  Yes , I had them on ,just yesterday…only yesterday.  He ran a couple of errands for me that I was dreading.  My boss brought me an Oreo Blast.  Yea….I’m going to the gym.   Now I will be adding sweat and body oder to the ugly!  Gotta love me!


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