Bumps and curves

Just recently I sent out an e-mail to my friends about the bumps and curve of life.  I have friends varying in ages.  The youngest being 21.   I am sort of in the middle, which can be a good thing because I have now learned a lot about menopause.  Right now I am going through, the term I like to use, “Mid Life Celebration.”  My best friend made the mistake of calling it a “Mid life crises,” when I decided to do my first 5K with another friend. It was a few months later when I told her how that made me feel. I knew something “mid-life” was happening but it wasn’t a crises.  She then later called it an awakening.  Yep, that’s it! About 3 years ago I quit eating meat, with the exception of fish and seafood.  I started taking pictures again, which I hadn’t done since high school.  Love digital!  Took a photography class.  I have been in two 5K’s now.  Haven’t ran the entire way, yet.  Love yoga!  Rusty loves me taking yoga.  Flexibility can be the spice in the bedroom girls!   I am starting school in July to study holistic nutrition.  And I am hoping to jump out of a plane, with a parachute and a hot guy strapped to my back soon.  Hey, I’m married, not dead.   Yes I am just beginning my  short-term ,before 50 “bucket list” .   There will be a whole new list at 50.

  So this blog is dedicated to my friends.  As I told them it doesn’t matter how  patient your man has,  they just don’t get it.  And you before 40 girls,  fasten your seatbelts, the bumps & curves are straight ahead.


2 thoughts on “Bumps and curves

  1. What do you think? Since I have turned 40, the middle of my years, I have been thinking about getting a tatoo. Not a big one. A rose for each of my kids. I am an adult now, lol. I can hear momma now!

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